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Known as one of the most influential mixologists of his generation, Shingo Gokan has led the industry in innovative bar concepts and cocktail execution.
While trained in the Japanese practice of precision, Shingo is heavily influenced by global cuisine and culture through his travels.
Shingo's SG Group is founded on the principles of meticulous attention to detail which defines Japanese culture, expressed through the hospitality and innovation characteristic of the global bar scene.

the Elusive

As evident in Speak Low, the award-winning cocktail combining matcha, rum and sherry, Shingo's style is characterized by creation through storytelling.
While Shingo's travels unearthed a vast range of ingredients and techniques, a search for a versatile spirit with authentic flavor persisted.
The next generation of cocktails required a more expressive spirit.
Upon his return to Japan Shingo rediscovered the immense potential in latent in Japan's authentic single-distilled spirit: shochu.

the Elusive


A partial list of various awards and recognition as follows:
・International Bartender of the Year / Tales of The Cocktail 2017
・Altos Bartender’s Bartender / Asia’s 50 Best Bars 2019
・Roku Industry Icon / Asia’s 50 Best Bars 2021
・5th Most Influential Figures in the Bar Industry / Bar World 100 by Drinks International 2022

SG Group Bars

The Sip & Guzzle

SG Group's bars and restaurants are defined by the Sip & Guzzle experience.
Each location, interior design, menu, music, and the drinks are all integral pieces of what makes up an unforgettable experience.
Working with talented bartenders, hospitality professionals, and designers, SG Group emphasizes the potency of storytelling on the guest's experience.

the Stage

the Stage

Establishments are located in Shanghai, Tokyo, and Okinawa, with joint projects in development in New York.
A full list of SG Group's bars, restaurants, and awards can be viewed at https://sg-management.jp/en/


The Tools of

Aside from The SG Shochu, SG Group is in constant development of new and innovative products that give bartenders and hospitality professionals the tools to tell their story.
An original glassware lineup known as SIP AND GUZZLE Glassware, developed in collaboration with world renown Kimura Glass, explores a modern twist on cocktail delivery.
SG Group is constantly in exploration of collaborative products and projects.