40% Abv.
Koji: White Koji
Distillation: Reduced-pressure
Key Feature: Low-Temperature Fermentation
Geographical Indication: Kuma Shochu


Capturing the
Spirit of Ginjo

"A slow, patient fermentation at a low temperature allows for the development of fruity and complex ginjo aromas in the mash."

Tasting Notes

Nose: Apple, pineapple, lemon peel
Palate: Light bodied
Finish: Crisp, smooth finish


Why Ginjo?

In the world of sake, floral and fruity esters are born from a style of fermenation known as ginjo.
Certain yeasts are used in conjunction with a long, low-temperature fermentation to develop delicate floral and sweet aromas.
The resulting spirit is characterized by notes of apple and pineapple, bringing out a tantalizing gentle profile.

Pressure Distillation

The technique essential to capturing such a delicate profile in a spirit is known as reduced-pressure distillation.
Alcohol and esters become volatile at significantly lower temperatures when the pressure inside the still is reduced.
Meanwhile, certain chemical reactions that occur at higher temperatures are avoided, allowing for subtle, nuanced aromas to shine through.

A Cutting-
Edge Finish

For a cocktail spirit, finish is as crucial as flavor.
KOME achieves an uncanny balance between its robust character and stealth finish.
Cocktails featuring KOME are defined by the spirit's resonant presence complimented by a decisively pristine aftertaste.


KOME plays incredibly well with virtually any fruit.
Citrus oils in particular add a defining clarity to KOME cocktails, while flavors of fresh herbs, root vegetables, and leafy greens also meld seamlessly.
In cocktail pairings, KOME works beautifully with cold dishes, elevating their freshness and leaning into the flavors to follow.



  • Hybrid Highball [KOME]

    The Hybrid Highball is a brand new concept utilizing a double-spirit approach to bring out the best of both spirits. KOME’s ginjo aromas are accentuated by the apple notes of the calvados for a complex highball experience.

    Hybrid Highball [KOME]

  • Tuxedo

    An expression of the 1880 classic featuring The SG Shochu KOME.


  • Vesper

    While on the stiff side, the fruit notes of the KOME and Cocchi Americano make for an extremely smooth, drinkable experience.


  • The SG Martini

    The ultimate martini featuring The SG Shochu KOME. Highly complex and provocative.

    The SG Martini

  • Sherry Cobbler

    An expression of the 1838 classic featuring The SG Shochu KOME. A fruity and approachable twist.

    Sherry Cobbler



Based in Kyushu, the homeland of shochu, the three distilleries were selected for their unparalleled craftsmanship, obsessive emphasis on quality, and relentless consistency.

Why Shochu?

The Authentic Spirit

Authentic shochu - known as honkaku shochu - embodies a process that delivers powerful flavors through its unique fermentation and distillation techniques.

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